Jan 18 2012

Yance in Holland

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 22:39

Our long time friend from Bali visited us again this year. The first time we met him he was our guide during our stay on Bali. Through the years we have seen him often in Bali or he visited us in The Netherlands.

Here is Yance with Liza on her little holiday party


Jan 13 2012

TinyShield - An all-in-one programmer shield for Arduino

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 16:59

A couple of months ago I found a story on Hackaday (and later on other places too) about programming ATtiny processors through Arduino. I thought that it would be nice to have this in a form of a shield. Now this product has become reality and it does even more than programming ATtiny processors. A collobaration between Flyton and myself resulted in a shield that makes it possible to program ATtiny45/85 processors, various Atmel ATmega processors (168/328/44/48) and it can even be used as a STK-500 programmer.

For more information see: http://flytron.com/open-source-hardw...r-arduino.html