Jun 28 2011

OpenLRS Debugger

Category: OpenLRSCrashingDutchman @ 20:28

Since a few weeks I am the proud owner of an OpenLRS system from Flytron. The OpenLRS system is an Open Source transmitter/receiver for radio control. If you want to know more, then you should visit the Flytron website or their forum.

Soon after I got this neat system, I wanted to add a Wii Motion Plus to it. The use of this item was already provided for in the software, it was just a matter of enabling this feature and uploading the new firmware to the receiver. When I got that to work I wanted to use the Wii Nunchuck too, but then I ran into problems. I thought I had it working, but I haven't. I think I need Flytron's support on this, but that will be another blog post.

The firmware of both the OpenLRS receiver and transmitter are based on Arduino. I wanted to see what was happening, so I enabled debugging in the source and used the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE to see what kind of data was coming in. It turned out that this wasn't easy as the data stream is moving quite quickly. Too fast to read and therefore impossible to know what is going on.

I thought that some special software was in order to get a better idea what is going on. I came up with this (preliminary) screen

This is really a first glance of what I have got. As you see in the picture is that Wii Motion Plus (WM+) data is coming in and displayed in the IMU tab . Data in from Nunchuck is working too, but since I am not convinced that the data is correct, it is not shown here. Magneto is working too, but not tested.

The debugger is coded in Visual Studio 2008. When needed, I will make the code available to everyone.

More information will come as the program develops.