Jul 15 2011

OpenLRS Debugger (Part II)

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 21:16

A few weeks back I wrote about the OpenLRS debugger that I was working on. I have a first version to show now. It is also available for download so fellow OpenLRS users can test it.

The OpenLRS debugger works with version 1.07 and above of the OpenLRS firmware.

What is needed to get this running:

  • OpenLRS transmitter and receiver
  • Serial connection between your receiver and PC
  • A little change has to be made in sensors.pde in void MMA7455_Read (see below)

To download OpenLRS debugger, click the file below.

OpenLRS Debugger.zip (21.75 kb)

To run the debugger, do the following:

  • Create a directory, for example, C:\OpenLRS Debugger
  • unzip the file you just downloaded
  • Double click the file 'OpenLRS Debugger.exe'

When you run this software for the first time, you have to go into the file-menu, then hoover your mouse over the COM Ports menu item until a dropdown list with COM ports shows up. Select the serial port you use to communicate with your OpenLRS receiver.

Now you can start the debugger by clicking the debug-button in the right-top of the program. Depending on the debug value you selected in config.h in your OpenLRS receiver project you will find debug information in one of the tab pages or in the hopping textbox.

As mentioned above, you have to make a change in sensors.pde. The current debug information 'printed' to the debugger has to be changed to the code below. To do that, find the line with '#if (DEBUG_MODE==7)' and replace that line and the following 7 lines with this code:

#if (DEBUG_MODE == 7)