Nov 4 2011

Visual Micro - The Arduino IDE replacement

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 16:03

For a long time I have been using Arduino. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that comes with it has been for me, as a Visual Studio developer, a pain in the rear. About 1.5 year back (april 2010) I found out that someone had made an Add-in for Visual Studio, called Visual Micro. As I remember installing was a little bit troublesome. Not because of the way Visual Micro was installed, but because of me messing up.

We are now in November 2011 and Visual Micro has grown up to a really nice product and seems to be ready to used by the masses. Installing is very easy and you will have it up and running in minutes. That is why i write this blog post, I hope more people will find out about it and start using it.

Arduino for Visual Studio is based on the operational procedures of the Arduino IDE and follows the rules applied by the Processing IDE for Arduino. This allows the user to load a standard Arduino sketch into the Visual Studio environment without having to make changes to the sketch or .PDE files.

Now, especially if you are a Visual Studio developer, but also everyone using the Arduino IDE should consider downloading Visual Micro and never look back at the Arduino IDE