Jan 15 2014

Support via TeamViewer

Category: SupportCrashingDutchman @ 20:37

Zo af en toe help ik iemand met zijn computer. Download TeamViewer Quick Support van deze pagina en neem contact met mij op voor hulp.


Jan 18 2012

Yance in Holland

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 22:39

Our long time friend from Bali visited us again this year. The first time we met him he was our guide during our stay on Bali. Through the years we have seen him often in Bali or he visited us in The Netherlands.

Here is Yance with Liza on her little holiday party


Jan 13 2012

TinyShield - An all-in-one programmer shield for Arduino

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 16:59

A couple of months ago I found a story on Hackaday (and later on other places too) about programming ATtiny processors through Arduino. I thought that it would be nice to have this in a form of a shield. Now this product has become reality and it does even more than programming ATtiny processors. A collobaration between Flyton and myself resulted in a shield that makes it possible to program ATtiny45/85 processors, various Atmel ATmega processors (168/328/44/48) and it can even be used as a STK-500 programmer.

For more information see: http://flytron.com/open-source-hardw...r-arduino.html


Dec 14 2011

Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory has been corrupted

Category: Visual StudioCrashingDutchman @ 10:36

Some time ago I ran into an issue where somewhere in the software an error was raised, 'Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory has been corrupted'. A quick search revealed that a possible solution might be to turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

After following the steps to switch off DEP for this software, I was challenged with a message saying 'this program must run with data execution prevention (DEP) enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program'. Then I found this site (that was offline later) showing how to alter your executable so that it isn't DEP compliant anymore.

open up the Visual Studio command prompt, browse to your exe location and type:

editbin.exe /NXCOMPAT:NO YourProgram.exe

After applying this ' fix' you should be able to turn off DEP for just this software with these steps:

  1. Right click My Computer and click Properties
  2. Click the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Settings button in the Performance section
  4. Make sure the radio button labeled ´Turn on DEP for all processes and services except the ones I select´ is checked
  5. Click Add at the bottom of the list
  6. Browse to the executable that is throwing the error and select it
  7. Make sure the checkbox next to the executables name in the list is selected and click OK


Nov 24 2011

What Happened To Open Table in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio?

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 09:36

When you start to use Sql Server Management Studio 2008 maybe the first change you’ll realize is Select Top 1000 Rows and Edit Top 200 Rows commands instead of Open Table command in 2005.

If it is hard for you to leave old habits or you want to change 200 and 1000 parametric you can change these parameters in Management Studio. The only thing you should do is to open Options Window under Tools menu then on the left select Commands node under Sql Server Object explorer node. When Commands is selected you can change the functionality of these commands by changing related values.

Also, you can make these commands work for entire table by setting values to 0.

From: Tamer Öz blog


Nov 4 2011

Visual Micro - The Arduino IDE replacement

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 16:03

For a long time I have been using Arduino. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that comes with it has been for me, as a Visual Studio developer, a pain in the rear. About 1.5 year back (april 2010) I found out that someone had made an Add-in for Visual Studio, called Visual Micro. As I remember installing was a little bit troublesome. Not because of the way Visual Micro was installed, but because of me messing up.

We are now in November 2011 and Visual Micro has grown up to a really nice product and seems to be ready to used by the masses. Installing is very easy and you will have it up and running in minutes. That is why i write this blog post, I hope more people will find out about it and start using it.

Arduino for Visual Studio is based on the operational procedures of the Arduino IDE and follows the rules applied by the Processing IDE for Arduino. This allows the user to load a standard Arduino sketch into the Visual Studio environment without having to make changes to the sketch or .PDE files.

Now, especially if you are a Visual Studio developer, but also everyone using the Arduino IDE should consider downloading Visual Micro and never look back at the Arduino IDE


Oct 13 2011

Lost SA Password for SQL Server (Express)?

Category: Notes to selfCrashingDutchman @ 15:51

Today I had to log in onto a SQL Server for which the password for 'sa'-user was not known to me. After some Googling around, I found this post 'Forgot the SA password in Sql Server 2005'.

In short, what you do is loging on into your Operating System with an account that has Administrive rights, restart SQL Server (Express) in Single user-mode and login to SQL Server express with that account. This way you can change the password for user 'sa' or enable the account when it was disabled.

This turned out to work pretty well. I hope the link above can be of use to someone else.


Sep 16 2011

Windows Mobile Mail - Error synchronizing

Category: Notes to selfCrashingDutchman @ 16:06

I've been pulling my hair out over this a few times already and FINALLY solved it. For me the issue seems that when my provider downloads all its settings to the phone the Internet service is called "Vodafone Live" where the email settings are trying to use "Internet" (which then no longer exists).

Just for future reference (mostly @myself), here is how to solve it:
At your mail inbox: Menu > Tools > Options > Click your email account > Edit Account Setup > press Next until you get to the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail server settings page > Click the Advanced Server Settings link at the bottom > change Network connection to your internet provider (Vodafone Live) instead of the default "Internet"  > carry on through the pages until finished. It should now connect without the Error Synchronising message.


Jul 15 2011

OpenLRS Debugger (Part II)

Category: CrashingDutchman @ 21:16

A few weeks back I wrote about the OpenLRS debugger that I was working on. I have a first version to show now. It is also available for download so fellow OpenLRS users can test it.

The OpenLRS debugger works with version 1.07 and above of the OpenLRS firmware.

What is needed to get this running:

  • OpenLRS transmitter and receiver
  • Serial connection between your receiver and PC
  • A little change has to be made in sensors.pde in void MMA7455_Read (see below)

To download OpenLRS debugger, click the file below.

OpenLRS Debugger.zip (21.75 kb)

To run the debugger, do the following:

  • Create a directory, for example, C:\OpenLRS Debugger
  • unzip the file you just downloaded
  • Double click the file 'OpenLRS Debugger.exe'

When you run this software for the first time, you have to go into the file-menu, then hoover your mouse over the COM Ports menu item until a dropdown list with COM ports shows up. Select the serial port you use to communicate with your OpenLRS receiver.

Now you can start the debugger by clicking the debug-button in the right-top of the program. Depending on the debug value you selected in config.h in your OpenLRS receiver project you will find debug information in one of the tab pages or in the hopping textbox.

As mentioned above, you have to make a change in sensors.pde. The current debug information 'printed' to the debugger has to be changed to the code below. To do that, find the line with '#if (DEBUG_MODE==7)' and replace that line and the following 7 lines with this code:

#if (DEBUG_MODE == 7) 


Jun 28 2011

OpenLRS Debugger

Category: OpenLRSCrashingDutchman @ 20:28

Since a few weeks I am the proud owner of an OpenLRS system from Flytron. The OpenLRS system is an Open Source transmitter/receiver for radio control. If you want to know more, then you should visit the Flytron website or their forum.

Soon after I got this neat system, I wanted to add a Wii Motion Plus to it. The use of this item was already provided for in the software, it was just a matter of enabling this feature and uploading the new firmware to the receiver. When I got that to work I wanted to use the Wii Nunchuck too, but then I ran into problems. I thought I had it working, but I haven't. I think I need Flytron's support on this, but that will be another blog post.

The firmware of both the OpenLRS receiver and transmitter are based on Arduino. I wanted to see what was happening, so I enabled debugging in the source and used the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE to see what kind of data was coming in. It turned out that this wasn't easy as the data stream is moving quite quickly. Too fast to read and therefore impossible to know what is going on.

I thought that some special software was in order to get a better idea what is going on. I came up with this (preliminary) screen

This is really a first glance of what I have got. As you see in the picture is that Wii Motion Plus (WM+) data is coming in and displayed in the IMU tab . Data in from Nunchuck is working too, but since I am not convinced that the data is correct, it is not shown here. Magneto is working too, but not tested.

The debugger is coded in Visual Studio 2008. When needed, I will make the code available to everyone.

More information will come as the program develops.